#1 Junior Handler in Australian Shepherds 2013
#5 Junior Handler in The Herding Group 2013
Qualified for Eukanuba National Championship 2013
Qualified for Westminster Kennel Club 2014


2013 USASA National Specialty Best Junior Handler -" Storm" - Judge Fred Bassett



Morgan Campbell has loved animals since she was 2 years old. When Morgan turned 7, she started 4-H with her Dairy Cattle, and then she started Dog 4-H. While she was watching her Mother, she really liked the idea of dog showing. At around 10 years old she started helping her mom feed, clean kennels, and walk the dogs. Slowly but surely, Morgan could be seen in the show ring with a big smile on her face. At almost 18, Morgan has numerous class placements and Best Junior Handler wins in AKC and ASCA. When you watch Morgan with an animal, you can see that special bond between them. Morgan is a real help around the house/kennel. In 2011 Morgan was the #1 Junior in Region 6, she made 500 Club and she was the #1 13-17 Performance Junior for ASCA. In AKC Morgan has been doing great! On November 24th Morgan won the Northeast Junior Handler of the year award for a $1000 Scholarship!! We are so proud of Morgan and all of her accomplishments.

2013 Memorable Best Junior Handler Wins

9/26/2013 Onondaga - "Typhoon" - Judge Dr. Clyde Shaw

9/22/2013 NCDC - "Storm" - Judge Dorothy Taylor

7/30/2013 Wampanoag - "Storm" - Judge David Anthony

7/29/2013 Hockamock - "Storm" - Judge Dorothy Taylor

7/27/2013 Wampanoag - "Storm" - Judge Phil Marsman

6/1/2013 Ladies Dog Club - "Storm" - Judge Linda Moore

5/12/2013 Windham Kennel Club - "Storm" - Judge Jason Hoke

3/23/2013 New Brunswick Kennel Club - "Storm" - Judge Chad Howard

03/02/2013 - Connecticut River Working Group - Judge Robert Caswell


02/24/2013 - Rockland County Kennel Club - Judge John Madieros


02/23/2013 - Rockland County Kennel Club - Judge Danelle Brown


01/06/2013 - Merrimack Valley Kennel Club - Judge Jim Owens


11/22/2012 Holyoke Kennel Club - Judge Tammy Jackson


11/10/2012 - Framingham District Kennel Club - Judge Helen Sullivan


2012 Junior Win Photos

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